As long time meeting planners with Nature's Sunshine we have worked with numerous DMCs over the years and we can honestly say, Irish Horizons is one of the THE Best, if not THE BEST, DMC we have ever worked with!

Once we booked our trip for 200 with Irish Horizons, we were then introduced to an amazing lady, Claire Derousseaux who worked out all the many many details with our 6 night adventure in Dublin and Killarney. She was knowledgeable and very precise in every aspect of the planning process even during the last few days prior to the event when numerous changes and decisions were made. She was always helpful and positive during the entire process.

Each day we had wonderful tours, tour guides, bus drivers, venue staff and entertainers. Every aspect of the event was so well thought out and planned and it showed as we heard so many many positive comments from our attendees and Company Executives. Every single comment was positive, praising the Irish Horizons Staff.

We loved every minute we were in Ireland and we owe it all to the wonderful and talented team at Irish Horizons. We are so grateful for the their knowledge and the care and concern they showed every person who joined us on this trip of a lifetime.