About Ireland

Ireland creates great memories like all special places. It offers a fascinating mix of the very old and very new, of city life and country life, and all in the company of the Irish - the friendliest people in the world. For MICE projects it offers world class 5 star hotels like Ashford Castle, The Shelbourne Hotel, and some of the best meeting and conference space you can find.

With unmatched food and a huge menu of activities - most of them in the green countryside - this is an Incentive paradise. Imagine staying in a lakeshore hotel in Killarney, learning Riverdance in a traditional pub, sheep herding in the Wicklow Mountains. Find time to sit with your team by the cliffs in Howth and enjoy Irish Smoked salmon with a glass of Guinness.

Our excellent 4 star and 5 star hotels are located not just in cities like Dublin and Belfast, but also in the countryside. With numerous connections to worldwide destinations Ireland is great value and easy to get to. Come and join us. We are the Celts, and we know about the good things in life.